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The phrase “tu quoque” means roughly, “also you” in Latin—it is the fallacy of saying, “Well you’re angry that I did X, you do Y all the time!” Tu quoques carry no more ethical meaning than a schoolchild’s comfort at not being the only one in trouble.

Assume that people on the other side feel as maligned by how you think of them as you do by how they think of you; your standard arguments likely work as well on them as theirs on you; you can be right when your ideas come from only one side, but you’re likely right by accident.

5 groups for how people contribute to society: 1. neutral, 2. non-scalable builder (e.g. doctor), 3. non-scalable destroyer (petty thief), 4. scalable builder (innovator) or 5. scalable destroyer (Ponzi). How much do we stand to gain by diverting the 5s into 4s?

Machine learning systems are often mocked. They have, in fact, many qualities in common with (even smart) people: they make jumps between superficial aspects of what they’re looking at, can build something that can just about pass muster, but are, after real interrogation, unoriginal.